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P.1 Philco Bakelite Data Book
Fourth edition. Service data for Philco bakelite block, Mica and Metal case condenser resi

W.1 Braided 4 Conductor
Brown four conductor cloth covered wire. 20 AWG multipurpose speaker. Field coil and batt

$1.90 per ft
CM.1 Capacitance Meter
Full range capacitance meter with hold peak and lit up screen button. Screen 1" x 2"

Resistor Kit
Save 15% on the price of resistors by creating your own reisitor kit. Choose 5 pieces of a

Custom Capacitor and Resistor Kit
Purchase a minimum of $20.00 in capacitors(any value) combined with resistors(5pc/value) a

Ra-06 Hallicrafter
Fully recapped Hallicrafter model TW2000 transoceanic brown.

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