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About Us

Merry Tunes is a business that takes pride in restoring your radios. It is competitive with regards to parts and services as well.

  • Restoration quotes involve replacing all marginal tubes, electrolytics, capacitors and out-of-tolerance resistors.
  • An in-line fuse is installed for safety measures.
  • We will also realign the set, restring new dial cords, and replace A/C line cords if required.
  • The radio will be cleaned in and out and all necessary moving parts will be lubricated.
  • At the end of every repair, a follow up 10 hour bench test is conducted.

Additional service cost will occur for replacing:

  • grille cloth
  • wires
  • power transformer
  • interstage transformer
  • intermediate transformer
  • audio transformer
  • speakers
  • knobs
  • pointer or dial scale
  • repairing the wooden and bakelite cabinet.